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4 Core exercises you must be doing to strengthen your back and abs.

Exercises to reduce tummy

It's important to have a strong and flexible core in order to perform well at the gym, play sports or just go about your daily life. A strong core will also make it easier to maintain good posture and avoid issues such as lower back pain.

It is not about doing hundreds of abdominal curls, it is about staying still and learning to keep your hips aligned and to control your posture as you build a strong core. These four holds will help you develop a strong core.

Exercises to reduce belly fat

It is an effective exercise for those strengthening their midsection because it targets both upper and lower abs at the same time.

Sit with your knees bent. Lean back slightly, maintaining a straight back, while you raise your feet off the ground with your legs together. If you can, extend your legs so your body forms a V shape.

Additionally, you can raise your arms and lengthen your legs to challenge yourself. Time: 30 secs

Sets: 1-2

Balance and Pilates exercises

Airplane pose is a standing balance pose. This exercise helps to strengthen the core (Abs), hamstrings (back of your thighs), hips, quadriceps (front thighs).

This is also an important pose in Yoga which is said to stimulate the Agni Chakra (The Third eye) and the Sahasrara Chakra ( Crown) as it improves balance and engages the energy force to calm your mind and body.

You have to stand with your legs hip width apart, with few breaths stretch the spine upward and dropping your shoulders and torso forward till it is parallel to the floor.

Your standing knee can be bent slightly in order to balance. Slowly life the back leg pointing your toes back and try to hold this position for good 30 secs while breathing normally.

You can rest your arms down on a block to start with and slowly u may advance to a position where your arms are next to your torso extended in the form of an airplane.

Easy option is to hold a chair or table at the side and lean forward. Or one can keep their back leg grounded on the toes.

Time: 30 secs both the legs.

Sets: 1-2

Plank exercise benefits

Planks are the definitive core exercise, requiring you to hold your body straight while supporting your entire body on your forearms and toes.

Depending on your fitness level and preferences, you can either rest on your knees or extend your arms so you're supported by your hands. Time: 30 secs

Sets: 1-2

Back strengthening exercises

This exercise works on your abs as well as back muscles.

To perform this exercise come to a Plank Position with legs wider than the shoulder distance so as to maintain a balance.

You may initially do with light weights, and later advance to heavier one.

While keeping your core engaged, you pull one arm in towards your waist and repeat for atleast 10-12 repetitions. Similarly repeat on the other side.

Counts: 10-12

Sets: 1-2

You may try these exercises while focusing on your torso. The above exercises are for normal individuals. Those who have any medical conditions like High Blood Pressure, Lower Back Pain, Spondylosis, Vertigo or others should consult their doctor before performing these exercises.

For a personalised exercise program, you may click here.

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